I believe you should do what you love to do. Which is exactly why I started my business, DesignAddict. I believe everyone can have a beautiful and stylish home. And I believe it’s possible to do so on a budget that everyone can afford. I have an eye for design and a unique ability to find ways to spruce up your home in ways that are both economical and suitable for everyday living. I’m a bargain shopper and to some a miracle worker. And VALUE is the name of the game. I believe what I do is less about interior design and more about comfortable changes.

It’s a knack. A passion. An addiction.

I’m looking forward to sharing my addiction with you!


DesignAddict provides in-home design consultation and décor services at an affordable cost.  It all starts with YOU. By understanding your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget, I can craft a specialized solution that can withstand everyday life.

It all starts with an in-person consultation. And from there, its all up to you!

Do you need to ….

  • Redecorate a room
  • Spice up an existing space
  • Stage for a sale
  • Primp for a party or holiday
  • Accessorize or refresh
  • Get advice for a remodel

I guarantee only candid, real-world advice that meets your individual needs.

Reach out and let’s get started!


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