About Me

I figured what better way to kick off my blog than by telling you just a bit about myself. I’m a 41-year old working mom of two little ones and have been married to my wonderful and supportive husband (who doesn’t smile in photos) since 2005. By day, I work in marketing & advertising and have been in this field since I graduated from college. I live in Dallas and am a loyal Oklahoma Sooner fan (I hope this doesn’t turn anyone away!). I love writing, being creative and solving problems. The more complex the better.  For years, I have been helping my friends with home styling projects around their houses and my husband and I have completely remodeled two homes since we’ve been married. I love to help others and I’m obsessed with home decorating. Its just something I’ve always had a knack for. So…I finally decided to turn this knack and all of these side projects I’ve been doing for my friends into an actual business. And that’s how DesignAddict was born. I thoroughly enjoy doing this and look forward to whatever challenges you can throw my way!

Me, my husband and the two kiddos

Me, my husband and the two kiddos May 2013

The family - October 2014

The family – October 2014


The family – October 2016


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