I know this is probably not what you are expecting to see on a pricing page, but it really makes sense to price my services on a case-by-case basis so that I can best meet everyone’s individual needs.  I will give some broad sweeping estimates though so you can get an idea of cost.

  • Initial in-home consultation: All engagements begin with this step. Price includes a 1-hour in-home walkthrough and discussion and either a list of recommended renovations or a sampling of recommended decor items (depending on the type of need)
    • $200 for 1-hour walk-through and report via email
  • Decoration and/or staging: Following the initial in-home consultation, I will either provide a detailed list of online items to purchase (with links) or I will shop for you and do in-home set up of items purchased. These can also be combined (example: I provide list of items, you purchase, I come in and set up). Includes both online and in-store shopping, depending on the need.
    • $100/hour for shopping and set up time plus cost of purchases (with no mark up)
  • Remodel/renovation consultation: Following the initial in-home consultation, I will provide a list of design suggestions, depending on your need.
    • $100/hour for my time

I can work with any  budget and am a great bargain shopper, both online and in store!

Feel free to call me to discuss any specifics or ask for a free quote on a project!


One thought on “Pricing

  1. Melynnie Nehib says:

    Hey! We want to redecorate our bedroom. Wanted to see if we could get your help!


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